Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kimchi Fried Rice (bokkeumbap)

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I can't wait until spring break! We're off to the Wizarding world of Harry Potter. I am a HUGE HUGE fan of HP. I've probably read the entire set more than 20 times. I lined up for the books when it first came out. And and... I just love JK Rowling for making my childhood so complete. On the other hand, bubs hasn't even read the book. OMG :O incompatibility right there (haha). But we've watched the last 2 movies together and he's more of a movie person than a book person. I am the ultimate bookworm. I just love the smell of new books and the feel of well worn books from many nights of reading.
Also, we're going to go dolphin swimming in Discovery Cove and visit sea world. The tickets to all these places were pretty pricey but our hotels and flights were all booked with miles. Well, in my case, I used my mum's credit card to book my flight :D (that's almost free). As big foodies, we've already done research on where we're going to eat too! Hopefully yelp is just as trusty in Orlando.

Anyhoo, planning our trip took us the whole day last week during the time when we had a big paper coming up. That was ridiculous. We can find so many ways to procrastinate on our studying. Izz baddd :/
Since we have no time for elaborate meals...(exam is next friday OMFFFG), we're eating a lot of kimchi and rice and leftover stuff. Soo I present you Kimchi fried rice. Probably the most simplest thing to make ever.

Kimchi Fried rice - 김치볶음밥
A runny egg is a MUST
1. 2 cups Leftover rice (or make new rice that's kind of dry)
2. 1 tbsp sesame oil
3. 1/2 onion diced
4. 2 cloves garlic
5. Meat - any kind really - Sometimes I use tuna if I feel like eating healthy, but here we used pork belly (sam gyup ssal)! Sounds like myocardial infarction :(
6. 1/2 zucchini
7. 1/2 cup kimchi and 6 tbsp of the juice (OLD kimchi)
8. Pepper and korean chili powder
9. stalk of green onions
10. 1 egg

In a frying pan, heat up some olive oil and sesame oil and fry up your onions, garlic for a few seconds and then add in your meat (or no meat). If you're using tuna, add it with your rice at the end.

Toss in the zucchini (or any vegetable like diced carrots), and a minute later add in the kimchi and juice. You can add in 1 tbsp of korean chili paste for an extra spicy kick or add 1 jalapeno.
Add a few turns of that pepper mill and 2 tsps of korean chili powder.
After everything is pretty cooked/fried, add in your rice and break it down

Once the rice turns a lovely red color you're done! or you can add the green onions if you like them cooked into the rice.
Place some in a bowl and top with an overeasy egg.

We ate it with some seaweed and even more kimchi. Can't have enough of that stuff!


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